Ths specific file has not been updated since late 2002, and I am to lazy to do so now, so this old like all CL info. SORRY!

Clanlord The pride of the mac Computor, tis High fantasy and has its ups, and much fewer, downs. The only down's i can think of its its graphics, and it's umposible to get good at quick gaming style. This can be good, unlike most games that you can get really high level in a week if you worked at it, Clanlord takes some time, and at points you can get bored. The Gm's play small parts in a claners life, sometimes screwing around with the game and making big invasions, or trying to get your opinion on what should happen.

since this is supposed to be a huge world all of it is in one game. Unlike when you join Clanlord your put in the same world as everyone else playing, No downsides. This makes getting to know new people easier and Not just people in one place. All over The world!! Usaully there is about 45-110 people on giving the time of day, what day, and if its a weekend. The Clanlord world is updated every two weeks as to show that the world is Constantly getting bigger, so there is no "beeting" Clanlord.

you can be one of three different proffesions Mystic, Fighter, or Healer. Very few people choose to remain profesionless but it happens. Mystics Suck, they cant fight and They cant get better life. All the Mystics can do is keep secrets from others, find dead people, boost your stats temperarily, and fall. Sound intresting? Most Mystics Regret Their choise to become one. Fighters do what their name says, fight. They can get a choise weapon when they become 3rd circle. And Belts to show off too!